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make your friend's day

congratulations on
being fabulous
the best gifts are
the people we love
i like to spend
time with you
you are wonderful.
just wanted to tell you.
friends rock thank you for being you my day just got better.
i thought of you.
with you, even rainy
days are bright
sending you love and light you deserve pretty
every day
you're the best thing
i've ever spent time on
alone, maybe not.
together, no question.
you are fRamily you make me go ahhhhhhh never doubt yourself, i have
excellent taste in friends.
never fear overdressing.
if you feel good,
you look good.
follow your heart thanks to you, i know i have
excellent taste in people
may your day have "you time" wish you were here
you're who i want to be
when i don't grow up
for a friend like you,
i break out the good booze.
i like you, you're weird like me may your day be clean lefts
you will stand through what
the weaker bring
you help me see the beauty
in the world
want to go play hookey? may your day make you smile
down to your toes
you fit me just fine sending you a bit of
serenity in your day
you help me see the
beauty in the world
you look lovely today
missing you friends are the good
stuff in life
wishing you beauty
along your way
may you know
how loved you are
is it time for wine?
it must be time for wine,
i've taken off my shoes.
you bring beauty to my life thinking of you thanks for wearing that today,
you make me look good.
you even make
running errands fun
you make me happy for you, just because
you're wonderful.
i miss you when
you're gone
when you need me,
i'll be there
i love whichever you
you are today
you're my favorite person
to get lost with
time for a happy dance
you make me smile you give me wings,
and not the feminine
hygiene kind
may the sun find you smiling my favorite place
is next to you
i'll save a place for
you in my dreams
yes, we're fabulous. if you need me,
i'll be there.
my day just got better,
i thought of you.
i'll walk with you anywhere

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