gfg home""gfg home
why not send a hug today?

tomorrow is
yesterday's do over
sending you a bit of
serenity in your day
may life's music be
sweet to your ears
couch, wine, more wine.
yes, it's been that
kind of day.
may your day make you
smile down to your toes
you deserve a nap today a bit of serenity
for your day
listen to the stars sing
my day needs some
flippin' pixie dust
thank you for sharing
your fabulous
missing you never underestimate
the brilliance of silliness
thinking of you official daydream break wishing you peace
in a loud world
may you dreams
all be sweet
you bring beauty to my life you make me happy i miss you when
you're gone
wish you were here
may the voices in
your head be kind
time for a happy dance hold what's good,
let go the rest.
may the sun find
you smiling
if you need me,
i'll be there.
some days, you just
have to hold on.
may your twinkle lights
be tangle-free
sending yo a little
"get up again"
my day just got better.
i thought of you.
may your dreams
all be sweet
may your love
be plentiful
sending you a hug.
thought you might need
one too.
may you reach all
you dream of
may all your gifts
come wrapped in love
may all the love you give
come back to you
never stop being
a kid at heart
bring it on world fake it 'til you make it it will be better next time.
if not, we'll simply
drink more wine.
you've go this
better luck next time.
if not, we'll simply
drink more wine.
dude.... bring it on world i've had better days
the first step is
always the toughest
you will stand through
what the weaker bring.
you help me see the
beauty in the world
you're my hero
you look lovely today just let go.
fall or flay,
better than stay.

  send a hug
  thinking of you