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let someone know i'm thinking of you today

dreaming of time with you time for a happy dance may your day have "you time" may your days be filled
with what you love
may your day make you
smile down to your toes
wishing you beauty along your way you always have
space next to me
you make me happy
may your spirit
be lifted high
may the destination be
as magical as the journey
you deserve something
plastic and filled
with hot air
you make me smile
some days, hiding is
the best option.
you shine so bright i'd give you all i could may your "to do"
have "want to's"
can i get on your
may the destination be
as magical as the journey
thank you for being you wishing you a day
filled with pretty
dance in the rain,
let it kiss your soul
slow down, disconnect,
feel the earth spin.
sending you much
good karma
joy to your world
why dream small? wwhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeee sing for no reason.
dance with no fear.
may your day have serenity
may the sun find you smiling breathe sending you love and light chase big dreams.
wear cute shoes.
follow your heart,
you're sure to find chocolate.
may your day not
be a close out
follow your heart the best days come
with flip-flops
may your day be clean lefts may the sun find
you smiling
because it's tuesday happy 4:20

  send a hug
  thinking of you